Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Good Luck with the Caff, Heather!

I was over the moon when Heather Mills told me she'd bought The Fish Cafe in Hove, and was going to turn it into a vegan eaterie. She was just in for a quick trim and highlights before facing the press again. "Good on you, 'Evva, sweetheart," I told her. "A nice little earner is just what you need now to take your mind off the past and the pittance from Paul, and give you something meaty to focus on."

I told her she should talk to Bella, one of my lovely ladies, and star of Mr Mikey's Ladies, who runs a restaurant in Balmain, Sydney. As a change of name for Heather's venue seems inevitable, I suggested it might be an idea to follow her example of calling the place by her own name - though maybe "Bella's" has more of a ring to it than " 'Evva's"....

But Mr Mikey's most important piece of advice for you, Heather darling, is don't work with your man, like Bella does. Well, I know it's unlikely that Paul's going to want to get involved, but be careful of bringing anyone new in your life on board with the cooking. Bella will tell you - or you can read her story in Mr Mikey's Ladies - about her disastrous experience with her Italian hubby Nico, when they were running the business together.

It's always a problem with these straight guys, they just want to take over. It got so bad I nearly lost my beautiful Bella at one point. Find a nice gay man to work with, Heather sweetie, and you'll be fine - like me and Dolly in the salon (apart from some small disagreements about personal style and hygiene!) Just keep smiling, girl. Have a look at my YouTube vid - that'll make you laugh.

Talk soon, babes, and let me know when you want your nails done. You know where to find me

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