Thursday, 23 April 2009

BlogNor09: Blogging Norfolk - Moi?!

Not after that rude gentleman caller to BBC Radio Norfolk called me a cliche! How very dare he? A gay hairdresser in a marriage of inconvenience a cliche? I'll give him cliche - where he leasts expects to find one.

My creator and alter-ego, Lucy McCarraher, was being interviewed on Tuesday morning by the delightful David and beautiful Becky about our book, Mr Mikey's Ladies, when a most unwelcome email popped onto the studio screen. "A gay hairdresser married to his lover's sister, writing a musical based on girly pop anthems - could you get any more cliched?" wrote Nasty Neil, or Nigel or Ian, whatever your name was.

Ms McCarraher had the nerve to agree with Mr Nasty - only defending my reputation with some waffle about "subverting the cliches" in her novel.

Not good enough, I say! What may be a cliche to you, Nigel, is a deep and meaningful way of life to me and my Ladies. If you're an example of Norfolk's straight men, Neil, you're giving your kind a bad - or should that be a worse - reputation. Go away and work on your empathy and people skills! If you're a Norfolk queen, Neil, admit it, you're just jealous of Mr Mikey's success. Don't worry, sweetie - leave me a comment below and tell me all your troubles. I'll sort you out, and any other Norfolk lady or gentleman who needs my help.

Have a delightful day, Norfolk bloggers. And don't forget to watch my Bunwell Babes dancing on YouTube or in the post below.

Mwah, mwah for now x x x