Friday, 23 January 2009

Well, hello Ladies!

Let me introduce myself: Michael Gorman, aka Mr Mikey, colour and styling artiste, not only beautifier but wise counsellor to my ladies -- actually it says it all on the back cover of my book:

"Mr Mikey is middle-aged, gay – and sick of being a hairdresser (sorry: colour and styling artiste!). He married his Aussie lover’s sister to gain legal residency Down Under, but then lover Bryan died and wife Dolly got pregnant by a dodgy boyfriend – leaving him a gay, but far from merry, widow with a wife and child to support. His Ladies, clients of his boutique Sydney salon, sustain him with their friendship and confidences, though sometimes the salacious details of their sex lives are almost more than his refined sensibilities can take. But as he listens to their tales of love and loss, pain and pleasure, Mr Mikey has a flashbulb moment: he will weave them into a Mega Musical – his escape route to fame and fortune!"

So there you have it. Bella, Corrinne, Suzette, Debra and Estelle - not to mention my dear wife, Dolly (I'll tell you more about their problems later), have all benefited from my Agony Aunt advice, and so can you, girlfriends. Just leave me a comment about anything that's bothering you - I say anything, but love, sex, affairs, relationships and those strange creatures, straight men, are my specialist subjects -and I'll come back to you with solutions to your problem. And all you ladies out there can help each other, too - we've all been most places before!

That's it for the moment. I'll leave you with some lovely comments about Mr Mikey's Ladies - click on the title to buy your own copy. Talk soon xxxx

“A truly remarkable, brilliantly written book. Everyone should read it, whether or not they approve!”
Jo Holloway, Sunpenny Publishing/Sunberry Books

“Written with her usual fluency and panache: very funny in parts, very sexy in others... a very entertaining book.”
Mike Barnard, Macmillan

“This is great fun - very Mama Mia! Gloriously camp in places and most entertaining with its idiosyncrasies and sheer originality.”
Maxine Hitchcock, Harper Collins

“A lovely writer, it's lots of fun and to be taken with a dose of salt.”
Louise Thurtell, Allen & Unwin

“This reminded me just how stylish – and funny – a writer Lucy McCarraher is. It did make me laugh, I liked the clarity of the voice, the humour, the setting.”
Will Atkins, Macmillan New Writing